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Your complete how-to guide for enjoying the Cline Library's MakerLab and multimedia Studios.

XR Experiences

There are a number of different educational XR experiences available for all of the Cline Library's XR equipment. Browse through our recommended experiences below, or click on any of the icons to jump to that category of experience. For a complete list of XR experiences, visit our XR Classroom Kits.

Need help selecting an XR experience for your project or class? Contact our Experiential Learning Librarian for assistance. 

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Art & Creativity

Tilt Brush

Tilt Brush lets you paint in 3D space with virtual reality. Unleash your creativity with three-dimensional brush strokes, stars, light, and even fire. Your room is your canvas. Your palette is your imagination. The possibilities are endless. Available on the Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest Kit.

Google Blocks

Blocks lets you easily create 3D objects in virtual reality. Using six simple tools, you can bring your applications to life, create a volumetric masterpiece, or simply let your imagination run wild. Get inspired by others’ creations or publish your own to to inspire the world around you. No matter your modeling experience, you’ll create beautiful 3D objects in no time. Available on the Oculus Rift.

Adobe Medium

VR is a revolution in 3D asset creation and Adobe Medium is the premiere VR creative tool. Sculpt, model, and paint in an immersive environment. Whether you're a total beginner, aspiring creative, or professional artist, quickly and easily create 3D objects and expressive works of art. Create organic characters with 8 tools like Clay and Move on the Tool Tray. Kitbash hardsurface models with over 300 stamps, snapping and constraint features. Export your asset as an OBJ or FBX. 3D print your model, use it in your favorite game engine, or bring it into another program for special rendering, compositing, and painting work. Oculus Medium’s versatile and intuitive toolkit is designed for 3D modeling speed and fluidity. Available on the Oculus Rift.


Quill is the VR illustration and animation tool built to empower artists and creators, whether to create final art or as a production tool for concept creation aid. Quill allows users to paint and animate in virtual reality on an infinitely scalable canvas - with rich colors and intuitive tools. Quill is designed to be expressive, precise and to let the artist's "hand" come through clearly - whether that's a watercolor style, pencil style, oil painting style or other. Available on the Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest Kit.

Gravity Sketch

Gravity Sketch is a powerful yet intuitive creation tool - express 3D ideas in real-time at any scale. Create loose free form sketches, detailed models, expansive scenes, and artwork unrestricted. Preserve your design intent through the creative process! Communicate ideas in 3D at each stage, capture work as an image or model to use in other phases of your workflow. Available on the Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest Kit.



Within VR is a 360 degree video app that allows your students to become part of beautiful immersive stories; from award-winning VR documentaries, animation, music videos, and more. These experiences include photo-real people & places captured with cameras or rendered CGI. Available on the Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest Kit, Merge XR, and Group XR kits.

Disney Movies VR

Transport yourself into the wonderful world of Disney from your very own living room with Disney Movies VR. This app is a fully-immersive experience where you visit themed worlds, including Disney, Marvel and Lucasfilm, and interact with some of your favorite characters in their natural environments. Choose from multiple scenes in Disney movies and be a part of the action! Disney Movies VR is your ticket to full immersion into the many Disney experiences optimized for virtual reality. Brought to you by the imaginative minds at Disney. Available on the Oculus Rift.

YouTube VR

YouTube VR has a huge collection of 360 videos that can be viewed as immersive experiences using a VR headset. Your students can play with a world-renowned orchestra, hike up mountains, get in the cage with zoo animals, and a lot more! You can even record your own 360 videos using the Cline Library’s Vuze VR camera and upload custom VR videos to YouTube for free! Available on the Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest Kit, Merge XR, and Group XR kits.

Excitement & Horror

Escape Room: Robbery at the Museum

Escape Room Series: Robbery at the Museum is the gripping first installment in the world of VR escape games that will leave you wanting for more. The devil is in the DETAILS and every little HINT counts for you to escape the museum! Explore the environment, interact with different objects, unravel mysterious clues and find your way to the precious artifact. But remember.. The CLOCK is ticking! Available on the Oculus Rift.


Can you escape from this fear? In this game your bravery is tried. Let's face fear now! This work was made as a graduation work of a Japanese student in 2017. Available on the Oculus Rift.

Health & Medicine

Human Anatomy Atlas

Human Anatomy Atlas offers thousands of models to help understand and communicate how the human body looks and works--and includes textbook-level definitions. Use it as a reference, instead of an anatomy textbook, or to create virtual lab experiences. Includes over 10,000 anatomical models with descriptions in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. Available on the Merge XR and Group XR kits. 

ShareCare VR

Sharecare VR is a real-time simulation of the human body. Sharecare VR allows anyone to freely navigate and explore an anatomically accurate 3D model of the human body, its organs, and their natural function. Visualize how your body works. Explore organs and systems in a fully immersive 3D environment. Customize physiology and simulate diseases. Personalize the human body to represent YOU. The unprecedented power of Sharecare VR allows customization to display diseases in varying states of severity. By adding treatments, Sharecare VR helps visualize and understand medical options. Available on the Oculus Rift.


Imagine a future where chemistry and the nano-scaled world are no longer difficult to understand. Imagine having the ability to build your own molecular structures out of thin air or explore the intricacies of a DNA strand or understand what medicine looks like at the molecular level. Available on the Oculus Rift.

eXPerience: Colorblindness

Have you even wondered how Colorblind people see the world? Now you can have that question answered. You can explore garden, shop and a museum and toggle between normal and colorblind vision. You can also try painting while colorblind or take 2 colorblind tests. Available on the Oculus Rift.

Learning & Exploration

Merge Explorer and JigSpace

Merge Explorer and JigSpace are two of the most versatile apps on this list. Merge Explorer can be used in both VR and AR (using the Merge Cube) and has hundreds of different interactive educational experiences from exploring the solar system, to dissecting a frog, to exploring human anatomy. JigSpace allows students to explore interactive 3D models of machines, electronic devices, and scientific concepts to learn about their inner workings. These “jigs” allow students to place an object in the real world using augmented reality, move around the object, and even use tools to take it apart to see how it works. Available on the Merge XR and Group XR kits. 

Google Arts and Culture

The Google Arts and Culture app is one of the most powerful on this list. This app includes high-resolution images, videos, tours, and interactive experiences from over 2000 museums and archives from across the world. Your students can walk through famous art galleries, join narrated tours of historic sites, or see museum exhibits come to life with videos and animations. Available on the Merge XR and Group XR kits. 

Google Earth VR

The world has so many beautiful and amazing places to visit. If we're lucky, we're able to travel and see a few of them. But even the most active travelers can only see a fraction. What if we could see them all? Ten years ago, Google Earth began as an effort to help people everywhere explore our planet. And now, with more than two billion downloads, many have. Today, we are introducing Google Earth VR as our next step to help the world see the world. With Earth VR, you can fly over a city, stand at the top of the highest peaks, walk along new streets, and even soar into space. Available on the Oculus Rift.


Wander is a lot like Google Earth in that it allows students to travel anywhere across the world, but this time in VR instead of on a computer screen. Students can teleport almost anywhere in the world to walk across the London Bridge, stroll the gardens of the Taj Mahal, visit the Great Pyramids of Egypt, or even see their own house. This app is a great way to allow your students to experience other places around the globe and compare them to their homes.  Available on the Oculus Quest kit.

BBC Home Spacewalk

Throw yourself into the void 250 miles above Earth in this award-winning VR spacewalk inspired by NASA's training program and the astonishing experiences of its astronauts. Home - A VR Spacewalk puts you at the centre of the story, taking you on an emotional journey while delivering beautiful, heart-stopping, and memorable moments. Available on the Oculus Rift.

Civilizations AR

Civilizations AR is an app created by the BBC that brings world art and culture directly into the hands of your students. Students can interact with 30 historical artifacts from across the globe, including an Egyptian mummy, Renaissance paintings, sculptures, and more. In augmented reality your students can move, scale and rotate the items, listen to audio guides, look inside of, and even restore the artifacts. This app makes a great addition to any lesson on world history or ancient cultures. Available on the Merge XR and Group XR kits.

National Geographic Explore VR

Set off as a National Geographic explorer to discover two of the most iconic locations on the planet! Head to Antarctica and set off on a thrilling expedition of discovery. Navigate around icebergs in a kayak, climb a massive ice shelf and survive a raging snowstorm as you search for a lost emperor penguin colony. Visit Machu Picchu, Peru and get immersed in amazing digital reconstructions of the ancient Inca citadel. Witness mummy worship, raise a cup of sacred chicha and encounter alpacas as you match Hiram Bingham’s photographs from when he rediscovered the Inca citadel. Available on the Oculus Quest kit. 

Sports & Games

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is a unique VR rhythm game where your goal is to slash the beats (represented by small cubes) as they are coming at you. Every beat indicates which saber you need to use and also the direction you need to match. All the music is composed to perfectly fit the handmade levels. Our goal is to make players almost dance while cutting the cubes and avoiding obstacles. Each cut is strongly supported by great sound and visual effects to emphasize the rhythm. Available on the Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest kit.

Box VR

Designed to give us back the fun we lost in exercise, BoxVR is the award-winning VR fitness game where you jab, weave and uppercut your way through workouts in time to pumping music. Available on the Oculus Rift.

Social VR


AltspaceVR is the premier place to attend live shows, meetups, cool classes, and more with friendly people from around the world. Experience a spotlight event at 7pm PT every night where you can learn, laugh, and gather with people on every major VR headset. Attend hundreds of spotlight events every month like: Open Mic Night, Improv Comedy, Meditation, LGBTQ+ Meetups, VR Church and more. Easily start your own meetup, show or class and discover the next frontier of entertainment and community. Available on the Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest kit.

Rec Room

Rec Room is the best place to hang out with friends from all around the world! Play intense multiplayer games like Paintball, Laser Tag, Quest, and Rec Royale, or just chill with friends in the park. There are thousands of player-created game and event rooms for you to discover, with new ones added daily. You can even build your own rooms with your friends. Rec Room is cross platform and free, so come and join the fun! Available on the Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest kit.


Oculus First Contact

First Contact is an official Oculus experience designed to be your entryway to Oculus Touch. Experience the magic of ‘presence’ in VR, exploring moments that feel as real as they are fantastically impossible. We've built a magic box full of toys and a robot guide; make a new friend, then touch, tap, bounce, hold and throw things, and play together. Available on the Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest kit.

Oculus Dreamdeck

Dreamdeck transports you to impossible places and magical worlds. Available on the Oculus Rift.