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Your complete how-to guide for enjoying the Cline Library's MakerLab and multimedia Studios.

Audio Production

Audio production is often used interchangeably with “music production,” but they’re actually different things. Audio production is when someone records audio and edits it to make it sound a certain way. Audio production can be thought of has having three phases:

We will go through each of these phases in more detail in the following pages. 

Training Resources

Want to built your audio production skills? Click the images below to view Udemy video production training courses (available to NAU affiliates). 

Preview of Udemy "Ultimate Sound Design" course

Preview of Udemy "Voice-Over Training" course

Preview of Udemy "Record Your Voice Like A Pro" course

Preview of Udemy "Professional Podcast Production" course

Audio Assets

Want to add some extra audio or video elements to your video project to add character and make your project look more professional? Then Creative Commons assets are for you! Unlike most audio and video files you find online, Creative Commons files are free and can be used for educational purposes without any pesky copyright issues. This is because the creators of these assets specifically chose to make their files open and available for use. Just be sure that the files you use are actually listed as Creative Commons! Visit to learn more about the different types of Creative Commons licenses or check out the links below to find creative commons files that can easily be added to your video.

Creative Commons Audio LinksCreative Commons Logo