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Creating at Cline Library

Your complete how-to guide for enjoying the Cline Library's MakerLab and multimedia Studios.

2D Cutting

2D cutting using the Cricut Explore Air 22D cutting is the process of taking a two dimensional digital design and using a cutting machine to create a physical version of the design out of a selected medium (such as paper, cardstock, vinyl, etc.). These digital designs are usually created using a vector graphic design software - such as Adobe Illustrator - and then exported to the selected cutting machine. 2D cutting can be used to create complex paper designs, vinyl graphics, stickers, engravings in metal, and much more. Advanced 2D cutters include laser cutters and CNC machines.

The Cline Library MakerLab offers both the Silver Bullet and Cricut cutters for use with a number of different cutting materials. These tools are available for in-library use on a first-come, first-served basis. 

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