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About the Kit

The DeWalt Power Tool Combo Kit is ideal for most drilling and fastening applications around the home or jobsite. The cordless drill has a 20X brighter LED light that can be used as a 20-minute task light in spotlight mode. The cordless impact driver features precision drive torque control which has been engineered to prevent stripped fasteners. 

Kit Components

How To Guide

*Always use safety glasses and other appropriate safety gear  such as hearing protection and a respirator or safety mask as specified by the drill manufacturer.


Charging Procedure

1. Plug the charger into an appropriate outlet before inserting the battery pack.

2. Insert the battery pack into the charger, making sure the pack is fully seated in the charger. The red (charging) light will blink continuously, indicating that the charging process has started.

3. The completion of charge will be indicated by the red light remaining ON continuously. The pack is fully charged and may be used at this time or left on the charger.




Video Tutorials