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OT Resources

Levels of Evidence Pyramid | Click Here


Use the links below to find articles and guidelines that provide high-quality SUMMARIES of research.

SUMMARIES are secondary sources.

SUMMARIES are regularly updated guidelines that integrate evidence-based information about specific clinical problems.

Resource types that qualify as SUMMARIES include practice guidelines, clinical reviews, and position statements.

Use the links below to find articles that provide SYNTHESES or SYNOPSES of research.

SYNTHESES and SYNOPSES are secondary sources.

SYNTHESES and SYNOPSES gather and present evidence from high-quality studies surrounding a specific research question.

Resource types that qualify as SYNTHESES or SYNOPSIS include meta-analyses, systematic reviews, and certain randomized controlled trials, some with quality ratings based on study methodology.


Primary Original Research

Original research conducted to answer specific questions.

Study types: Case series, case reports, case control, cohort, randomized, controlled trials, qualitative studies, and more.

(Resources below also contain syntheses such as systematic reviews and meta-analyses.)

Finding background Information:


Other NAU resources

Search for additional condition-specific information in the Books and eBooks tabs above. 

Other online resources


  • Best used to cite background information on OT topics.
  • Hover over a title to read its contents.
  • The ebooks listed below are just a sample of NAU Libraries' ebook collection. Search below for additional titles.

Physical books

  • Best used to cite background information on OT topics.  
  • Hover over a title to read its contents.
  • Check books out for 4 weeks with your PBC badge at the front desk.
  • The OT books below are just a sample of all of the OT books shelved in PBC Library.  Search for additional titles below.

Evaluate journals:

Streaming video

Image collections

Anatomical Models

PBC Library hosts an extensive collection of advanced, anatomical models available for student and faculty use. If you'd like to checkout one of the models, please keep in mind:

  • Models are only available during staffed hours for in-library use only
  • Please inform front-desk staff if you'd like to remove a model from the shelf
    • Staff can also help you access the models stored off-shelf
  • All models must be checked out at the front desk before use
  • The complete PBC Library Anatomical Models Policy can be found here

NOTE: For a complete list of all models, please see the PBC Library Anatomical Models List.

Acland's Video Atlas Logo

Acland's Atlas of Human Anatomy presents dissections of unembalmed human bodies, allowing access to specific content through indexes and keyword searches. The specimens rotate relative to the camera, giving a three-dimensional view.

Tests, measures, and instruments

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