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Yuma Nursing Library Resources: Writing, Citing, and APA 7th edition

This guide is primarily for nursing students at NAU-Yuma and Tucson campuses

APA 7th edition, Guidelines for Nursing Resources

Examples of APA in Nursing Literature

APA Examples

Article from a Library Database that Does Not use DOI

Journal Article:

Nielsen, G. L., Møller, M., & Sørensen, H. T. (2006). HbA1c in early diabetic pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes : A Danish population-based cohort study of 573 pregnancies in women with type 1 diabetes. Diabetes Care29(12), 2612–2616.

Magazine Article:

Forbes, S. (2022). Big deal decision for liberty. Forbes, 205(4), 17.

Article from a Library Catalog

Johnstone, Lindsay, R. S., & Steel, J. (2006). Type 1 diabetes and pregnancy - Trends in birth weight over 40 years at a single clinic. Obstetrics and Gynecology 107(6), 1297–1302.

Article from CINAHL

Howland, W. A. (2021). How to publish a case study without violating confidentiality. Nursing51(12),16. https://doi:10.1097/01.NURSE.0000800144.49848.dd

Article from Journals@Ovid Complete

Zhong, Y., & Yu, P. B. (2022). Decoding the link between inflammation and pulmonary arterial hypertension. Circulation, 146, 1023-1025.

Books (Entire Book, Single Author)

Salkind. N. J. (2006). Encyclopedia of human development. Sage Publications.

Books (Entire Book, Multiple Authors) – if you have more than 4 authors, use et al.

Thompson, J., Manore, M., & Sheeshka, J. (2014). Nutrition: A functional approach (3rd Canadian ed.). Pearson Canada.

Book Chapters

Landis, C.A., & Heitkemper, M.M. (2014). Sleep and sleep disorders. In S.L. Lewis, S.R. Dirksen, M.M. Heitkemper, & L. Bucher (Eds.), Medical-surgical nursing (9th ed., pp. 99-113). Elsevier.


Jabbour, E.,  Stephens, E. A., & Hirsch, I. B.  (2008). Type 1 diabetes in adults : Principles and practice. New York: Informa Healthcare.

E-Book Chapter

Murphy, H.R. (2012). Pregestational (type 1 and type 2) diabetes: Care and complications during pregnancy. In Diabetes in Pregnancy. Oxford University Press.

YouTube Videos

Johns Hopkins Medicine.  (2022, May 6). Celebrating nurses week 2022 | Caring for tomorrow [Video]. YouTube.