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Nursing 330: Intro to Nursing as a Discipline and Profession

Library Research Module

Welcome! This NUR 330 Library Research guide is designed to help you complete your NUR 330 Assignment.   Click on the tabs above,  or the links below, Find Articles and Find Books, then answer the questions linked from: your NUR 330 Assignment.

Use these databases to find resources:

Purpose and Learning Outcomes

This research guide provides a starting place for identifying and accessing helpful databases to help you find nursing articles and books. Besides offering scholarly content, the databases provide powerful search tools that optimize your time and often link to the full text.  The module offers research tips. 

Learning Outcomes from this Research Guide:

The successful student will know how to:   

  1. Explore library resources and services for online students.    
  2. Locate and explore databases. 
  3. Perform basic searches for online nursing articles, as well as both print and online books.   
  4. Locate links for American Psychological Association (APA) references.   
  5. As an empowered learner, know how to contact the library to request assistance and discuss research needs.

Need Help?

NAU Librarians are available and can assist you by chat or email. You can schedule an individual research appointment.  We will reply to emails within 24 hours, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays or other closures).   View all hours.