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This guide is primarily for nursing students at NAU-Yuma and Tucson campuses

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How to get my NAU-Yuma ID Card & Library Card

Students, faculty, and staff at NAU-Yuma may go to the 3C Building on the 2nd floor to Campus Life and receive an NAU ID card.  Faculty & Staff will be charged $25.00 for their card.  Students may be charged (some have and others have not been charged $10.00). You may use this card to obtain your Library card and to use for benefits such as discounts at the movies, stores, and other venues.  Below is a video about how to get your library card.




Sana Goldberg shares a very personal understanding of her life as a nurse, how she got there, her struggles, what it taught her, privilege, and the stereotypes she faced as a nurse.  In this video, she has some profound connections between liberal arts, neuroscience, and nursing which examine how listening to a patient is the beginning of healing. Start at 9:29 to get a great understanding of the stereotypes about the profession.  Her video is below.



Simple nursing Videos

YouTube Channel for nursing students with many free resources.


Caroline wants to help you be the best nursing student possible so has her own channel filled with advice and videos on skills, clinicals, and tips.

Open RN Project

Grant funded, Open RN Project has five OER textbooks and over 320 videos to help nursing students.

Videos on NAU-Yuma Library Research