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This guide is primarily for nursing students at NAU-Yuma and Tucson campuses

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How to get my NAU-Yuma ID Card & Library Card

Students, faculty, and staff at NAU-Yuma may go to the 3C Building on the 2nd floor to Campus Life and receive an NAU ID card.  Faculty & Staff will be charged $25.00 for their card.  Students may be charged (some have and others have not been charged $10.00). You may use this card to obtain your Library card and to use for benefits such as discounts at the movies, stores, and other venues.  Below is a video about how to get your library card.



Why go into Nursing as your profession?


  • Multiple factors are driving job growth and demand, so getting into the field is possible.
  • Job security is high in all states.
  • Becoming any kind of nurse opens the door to specializations and potential career advancement.


  • The global pandemic can make the profession more stressful.
  • Working with sick patients can mean risk of infection.
  • The rising costs of college or university education make the educational requirements more expensive with every passing year.
  • Hospital-based certification programs aren’t as widely available as they once were.

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Sara Goldberg shares a very personal understanding of her life as a nurse, how she got there, her struggles, what it taught her, privilege, and the stereotypes she faced as a nurse.  Start at 9:29 to get a great understanding of the stereotypes about the profession.  Her video is below.


Video: What If You Became a Nurse? | Sara Goldberg| TedxHarvardCollege