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Yuma Nursing Library Resources: Identifying Scholarly Resources

This guide is primarily for nursing students at NAU-Yuma and Tucson campuses

Health Topics

There are several sites which can provide information on health topics.  I suggest you use one of the following:

1. Centers for Disease Control, Center for Global Health, click on Global Health Issues and then pick which disease or issue you would like to research.

2. World Health Organization (WHO) spotlights 10 health issues to track.  This website describes all 10 issues.

3.  MedlinePlus international Health, scroll down to Start Here for a list of links to specific topics to research.



Finding Country Information



Statistics are funny and they can be tricky to use.  You have to know who is collecting the data and for what purpose. Here are some sites you may wish to use. Always consider the purpose behind the collection of the data.  If the methodology is not explained in how the data is collected and why it is used, be suspicious.

World Health Organization, The Global Health Observatory, World Health Statistics - you may download the data or just annual reports or specific topical reports from this site.

WHO, Data Collections - unique reports

World Bank, HealthStats

Eurostat, Healthcare expenditure statistics

OECD (Organization for Economic Development) Health Statistics

Our World in Data, Global Health