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NUR 424 | Nursing Informatics & Health Policy

This is a guide to research, resources, theory, and practice in nursing informatics and healthy policy domains. It is designed to help students in NURS 424 as they develop wikis on current and emerging trends in informatics.

NUR 424 | Nursing informatics & health policy


This research guide is for students taking NURS 424 at Northern Arizona University. 

With this guide, you will begin to build a research knowledge in nursing informatics, which will ultimately help you to excel within your own field.

While reading through the following pages, keep in mind the following learning goals.

The successful student will:
  • identify and clarify a research question that is important to the fields of nursing informatics and health policy
  • make use of background information and controlled vocabulary (MeSH) to develop an emerging search query
  • use iterative search strategies (operators, filters, limiters, modification, serendipity) to locate key information
  • use available research tools (citation management, document delivery) to obtain and store research findings


It is best to follow this guide from "top to bottom". In other words, you will likely want to start with the Starting your research page, read through each tab, and move down from there. Current & emerging trends will provide you with some helpful tools to get started on research for class, Databases & journals will direct you to the best places to search for information, and Books from the catalog will help you find encyclopedic and background information you will need to know in order to develop a solid research question.

 Walkthrough: Getting Started