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NUR 424 | Nursing Informatics & Health Policy

This is a guide to research, resources, theory, and practice in nursing informatics and healthy policy domains. It is designed to help students in NURS 424 as they develop wikis on current and emerging trends in informatics.

Current & emerging trends

 Researching subdisciplines 

As you know by now, informatics is an enormous discipline with a host of underlying subdisciplines. This can present a challenge when determining where to focus, and what language to use when conducting research. However, it also means there is a lot of research available across subdisciplines. 

In order to best make use of your time, it is recommended that you:

  • conduct background research in different subject areas
  • identify a subject area where you want to focus your work
  • find search terms that correlate specifically with that area

As you start, here is a list of MeSH terms that are generalizable to informatics fields:

 Appropriate MeSH terms 

The following MeSH terms will help you begin research into patient portals: