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FOR 215: Writing in Forestry

Topic 5. Land conservation

Topic 5. Land conservation: What is the best designation for protecting land? For this topic, please review different strategies for protecting land, such as the differences between State and Federal protection. For example, compare the protections offered by State-Parks vs National-Parks vs National-Monuments vs Wilderness. Which designation is most effective in conserving land? Keep in mind the permanence of the protections and what development or land use is still allowed under the designations.


What are we looking at:

  • federal OR national OR public OR state
  • land OR forest OR parks
  • protection OR conservation (could use protect* OR conserv*)
  • designations OR levels OR types OR differences OR classifications

Designation types for federal lands:

  • "public land" OR "public lands" OR "federal land" OR "federal lands"
  • "national parks"
  • "national forests"
  • "wildlife refuges"
  • "conservation areas"
  • "national monuments"
  • wilderness

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