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FOR 215: Writing in Forestry

Topic 3. Wolf reintroduction

Topic 3. Reintroduction of wolves: How are top predators important for ecosystems? For this topic, please review how wolf reintroduction affects ecosystems. Make sure to reference the classic Yellowstone system, where wolves were reintroduced several decades ago. Keep in mind wolves used to be common across most of the United States before humans reduced their populations


What are we looking at:

  • wolf OR wolves OR "canis lupus" OR "c. lupus"
  • reintroduc* OR recoloniz* OR introduc*

In relation to what they impact or how they have an impact:

  • ecosystems
  • ecology (or use ecolog*)
  • trophic cascades
  • predation (or use predat*)
  • restoration (or use restor*)
  • riparian OR plants OR vegetation
  • ecosystem services


  • Yellowstone
  • west
  • western
  • southwestern
  • colorado
  • arizona
  • california
  • etc