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FOR 215: Writing in Forestry

Search these databases.

1. Google - Searching Google first will allow you to collect some general information just to get you familiar with your topic. Also, try Google Advanced SearchUsing Google Advanced Search allows you to limit to a .gov domain, which is likely to return more credible results.

2. Google Scholar - This is Google's specialized search for finding scholarly (a.k.a. peer-reviewed) articles.

3. CAB Abstracts This database is chock full of peer-reviewed articles about forestry topics. 

4. EBSCO Databases - There are several databases from this company that could be useful to search for forest, climate, or policy information. You can search them individually or all at once. Here are the links to search them individually:

To search them all at once, click on any one of them above, then click Choose Databases:

And then select everything if you like, or else choose the individual databases listed above.

5. Agricultural and Environmental Science Collection - This is a database of journal articles, government reports, and other sources. It includes forestry content as well as environmental science, climate science, etc. 

6. Web of Science - Multidisciplinary database of journal articles.

7. Quick Search - This is the search box on Cline Library's home page. When you run searches, make sure you use the option on the left to Expand My Results: