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FOR 215: Writing in Forestry

Topic 2: Bark beetles

Topic 2. Bark beetle outbreaks: Why have they become increasingly severe? For this topic, please review reasons why bark beetle outbreaks are becoming increasingly severe. Focus on the western United States to narrow your search. Keep in mind, most bark beetles are native to our area. What is different about modern-day forest dynamics that makes native bark beetle outbreaks worse?


What are we looking at:

  • bark beetles (could include names for different species)

In relation to:

  • "climate change"
  • climate
  • "global warming"
  • logging
  • post-logging
  • expansion
  • "range expansion"
  • "range shift"
  • dispersal
  • "dispersal ability"
  • outbreaks


  • west
  • western
  • southwestern
  • colorado
  • arizona
  • california
  • etc


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