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FOR 215: Writing in Forestry

Topic 4. Forest thinning

Topic 4. Forest thinning: Is this a solution for healthy forests? For this topic, please review the pros and cons of forest thinning as a management tool. Focus on ponderosa pine forests to narrow your search. Consider the effects on fire severity, wildlife, soils, watersheds, and surviving trees. Make sure to include positive and negative aspects of forest thinning in your review


What are we looking at:

  • thinning OR thin OR thinned
  • ponderosa
  • could be more specific and add 'forest'

In relation to:

  • fire OR wildfire (could be more specific and add 'severity')
  • wildlife
  • soils
  • watersheds OR streams OR rivers OR catchments
  • response OR responses
  • "forest health"
  • "forest management"
  • management
  • restoration
  • regeneration OR seedlings OR germination

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