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Social Work 320w, Research Guide, Yuma: Article searching

This guide is to help you work through the research and policy process in your Social Work course

Strategies for Searching


Before you begin to search, you need to prepare your strategy. 

Step 1:  Identify your topic

Step 2: consider the important parts of your topics as these will become your concepts and possible keywords

Step 3:  define your terms or keywords

Step 4: decide where you are going to search.  Are you just limiting yourself to Google or allowing Alexa or Siri to do your work for you?  That is a really bad way to do research and a good way to set yourself up for failure.

Step 5: plan to do your search in multiple places like the library catalog, several databases, and perhaps Google Scholar.

Below are suggested guides which have great tools to help you plan your strategy aside from this guide.

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Other things to consider


A really great article a friend of mine, who teaches Social Work, sent me when I was really having troubles.  It is from Social Work Today and is entitled Moral Distress in Social Work Practice — When Workplace and Conscience Collide


How to use the Cline Library Quick Search Box

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