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Social Work 320w, Research Guide, Yuma: Annotated bibliographies

This guide is to help you work through the research and policy process in your Social Work course

Tips for writing an annotated bibliography

An annotated bibliography is a type of paper in which the reference entry is followed by short summary of the work known as annotationsAPA Style guidelines are applicable to annotated bibliographies, but instructors may set requirements for annotated bibliographies (e.g. how many references to include, length, and focus of annotation, etc.) 

Refer to the APA writing and style guidelines to help you compose your annotations. Use 'in-text' citations when you refer to multiple sources in an annotation. 

If your instructor has not set any specific requirements, your annotated bibliography in APA 7th edition format (Section 9.51, p 307) should:

  • be formatted in alphabetical order, the same as you would any reference list 
  • have an annotation below the reference entry that is 0.5 inches from the margin, the same as you would format a block quote
  • only have indented paragraphs if the annotation spans multiple paragraphs (indent the first line of the second and subsequent paragraphs as you would a block quote with multiple paragraphs)

Sample paper

Video, Annotated Bibliography