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Social Work 320w, Research Guide, Yuma: Home

This guide is to help you work through the research and policy process in your Social Work course

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Evaluating Resources

 Evaluating Resources

 1) What is a credible source, and what is it not? Credible means the information is from an authoritative source.  A credible source can be either a primary source (usually written in the first person) or a secondary source)

 a) A credible source is …

  • peer-reviewed journal article.
  • A website of a governmental organization such as  Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS)
  • A website of a relief organization that might collect its own data (World Bank, UNICEF, etc.)
  • A primary source such as a diary

            b) What a credible source is NOT…

  • A newspaper or magazine article (Newspaper and magazine articles are NOT peers in the discipline)
  • Content posted in a .com (...usually – there are some exceptions.)
    An editorial, commentary, book review, or abbreviated article in a journal.  (Not all articles in a peer reviewed journal are peer-reviewed)
  • A blog (Content is based on opinions.)
  • Content from Wikipedia (any person can post to Wikipedia)

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