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Social Work 320w, Research Guide, Yuma: APA 7th edition

This guide is to help you work through the research and policy process in your Social Work course

Why we cite


Why should you properly cite your research?

  • Point out the discussion you are having with other scholars and their ideas.
  • Enhance your own argument's creditability with supporting evidence.
  • Provide your reader with additional sources for further reading.
  • Give credit where credit is due.
  • Avoid plagiarism in all forms, a serious academic violation.


Here is a great article which explains citation in a rather unique way.  How to cite like a badass tech feminist scholar of color: A citation zine by Rigoberto Lara Guzmán and Sareeta Amrute.

Examples of APA in Social Work Literature

Example APA References & Citations

The links below go directly to the APA Style Grammar & Guidelines Blog which is a fabulous resource.

Periodicals, Books & Reference Works

The links below will provide you examples of all you need to formulate your own APA citations. I've provide some examples to the more common questions I've received.

Periodicals: something that is published more than once.

Journal article: usually a scholarly work such as the Journal of Social Work (citation example below - note the indentation is incorrect for APA, the first line should NOT be indented).

Spratt, T., Frederick, J., & Devaney, J. (2022). New understandings in childhood research and their implications for child and family services. Journal of Social Work, 22(5), 1137–1152.

Magazine article such as Social Work News

MacDonald, M. (2022, October 16). I can still be a good social worker even if I don't have children of my own. Social Work News.

Newspaper article

Lerner, J., & Pollack, H. (2022, February 23). Social workers are the unsung heroes of the pandemic. The Washington Post.

Blog post and blog comment

Swanson, L. (n.d.) Why vision boards are a powerful mental health treatment tool. The Social Work Bubble.

Books & Reference Works


Gilbert, E. (2006).Eat, pray, love : one woman’s search for everything across Italy, India and Indonesia. Viking.


Zakaria, N., & Esser, V. P. (2016).Clothing for children and teenagers : anthropometry, sizing and fit. Woodhead   Publishing

Diagnostic manual (DSM, ICD, etc.)

Raines. E. (Ed.) (2019). Evidence-based practice in school mental health: Addressing DSM-5 disorders in schools.

Edited Book Chapters & Entries in Reference Works

Reports, Conference Proceedings & Grey Literature

Reports & Grey Literature

Report by a government agency

Report with individual authors


Ethics code

Fact sheet

ISO standard

Press release

White paper

Conference Presentations & Proceedings

Conference presentation

Conference proceeding

Dissertations & Theses

Published dissertation or thesis

Unpublished dissertation or thesis

Unpublished & Informally Published Works

ERIC database article

Preprint article

Personal communications, oral histories

Archival Materials

Letters, collections, unpublished papers, interviews etc.

Online Sources, Data and Audiovisual Media

Data Sets

Data set


Social Media




Online forum (e.g., Reddit)



Webpages & Websites

Webpage on a website

Clinical practice references for nurses

Open educational resource (OER)

Whole website

Audiovisual Media


Clip art or stock image

Film and television

Musical score

Online course or MOOC

PowerPoint slides or lecture notes

Radio broadcast

TED Talk

Transcript of an audiovisual work