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Yuma, Children's Literature

Learn children literature and teaching elementary education

How to think about research

When you are working with Children's Literature, you need to understand the terminology and the different kinds of resources available.  Materials come in all different kinds of formats.  Think back to when you first started looking at books.  Did you have someone reading to you?  What kind of item was it?  Was it a board book?  A picture book or wordless one?  How about a pattern book also referred to as a predictable book because it allows you to learn through patterns and predictable repeated language?  Was it online?  Did it sing to you or read to you?  Was it hard or soft of fluffy?  Did it have fold-out animals or creatures like dinosaurs or teddy-bears?  Other types of children's literature include early readers, graphic novels, middle grade, reference books, informational books, biographies, comic books, contemporary literature, fantasy, folklore, nonfiction, literature, poetry, and science fiction.  As we get older, young adult materials start to grip our interest and these literary types stay the same yet some merge into an overall category of "fiction".  Each of these "genres" may also reflect cultures which are interwoven into each story being told.  Both the Academic Library here on the Yuma Campus and the Cline Library on the Mountain Campus in Flagstaff have a variety of children's literature available to students at NAU-Yuma in a variety of formats.