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NAU History Resources in Special Collections and Archives: Administrative Records

Administrative Records

Administrative records of the university are generally those created by staff and administrators of Northern Arizona University as part of their specific departmental functions and responsibilities. In Special Collections and Archives, these records are predominantly found in the records of past institutional presidents. However, they can also be found in the records of student organizations and activities, employee files, and departmental self-assessments.

Record Types

Special Collections and Archives houses the official records of a number of past presidents of Northern Arizona University, including those who presided when the institution was called Arizona State Teachers College (1925-1945) and Arizona State College (1945-1966). You may wish to do a general search for a topic (person, place, subject) at Arizona Archives Online or our digital archives, or you can browse detailed inventories of specific presidential papers using the guides linked below:

Please note that these are physical archives and the vast majority of these records are not digitized. As such, they will require an in-person visit to view them.

Records documenting official and unofficial student activities on campus can be found in a few places in Special Collections and Archives (SCA). Significant student movements and groups are documented in the NAU presidential papers; search for specific organizations or events in these papers and review them in-person in SCA. Search our NAU digital archives for any associated images or documentation we have selected and made available online. There is also an inventory available for a select range of student organizational records from 1985-2005.

Special Collections and Archives is actively interested in acquiring more documentation of both official and unofficial student activities at Northern Arizona University. Please contact us if you wish to donate any materials documenting these activities.

Special Collections and Archives maintains approximately 25 linear feet of files related to its employees (faculty and staff). These files can include vitas and resumes; biographical data forms; university news and publications press releases; publicity information sheets; personnel news files; bibliographies of publications and Alumni Association personal biography data. The date range is wide, with coverage beginning in the 1920s through to the 2000s. Please note that these files are not digitized and exist as physical archives; you will need to do research in-person to view this information. You can review an inventory of these files at the following link:

To be compliant with the Arizona Board of Regents Internal Program Review Policy (ABOR 2-208), there is a requirement for all disciplines to complete a seven-year period review of its undergraduate and graduate programs. This review helps the state make wise decisions about strategic planning and resource allocation. While a selection of these have been digitized and made available online through our digital archives, others are available in hard copy by contacting Special Collections and Archives.

As the repository for non-active (permanent) records of the university, Special Collections and Archives does not provide a formal records management function for active and semi-active records currently found in departments and administrative units across campus. Please use the following link to get more information about records management and how best to manage active and semi-active records in your office or administrative unit: