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Integrating Library Content into Blackboard

Linking to Articles

Why Use Permalinks?

  • Permalinks allow the library to maintain accurate usage statistics, which ensures that we continue to purchase and renew the resources you need.
  • We strongly recommend using permalinks instead of uploading articles, ebooks, etc. to Blackboard or file sharing because permalinks ensure that you are not in violation of copyright law.
  • Permalinks are a reliable means of sharing search results, and specific resources such as articles and ebooks. Copying and pasting the URL from the address field  may not take you back to that original page. Permalinks ensure that the link will take you where you want to go.


When you find the resource you want to link, click on the title and a new page will open. Under "Tools," click on "Permalink." A window with the permalink will open above the resource title.

Permalink is the second to last option in the tools menu, which is located on the right-hand side of the page.


In JSTOR, a permalink is referred to as a Stable URL. To locate the Stable URL for a resource, click the title of the resource - a new page will open and then you can find the Stable URL under the title. 

The Stable URL is located in the fifth line below the resource title.



In all ProQuest databases, a permalink is referred to as a DocumentURL. To locate the DocumentURL for a resource, click the title of the resource - a new page will open and then you can click the "Details" tab (sometimes this tab is paired with the abstract). 

The Details tab is located under the resource's title next to the tab for Full Text.

Scroll down and you should see the Document URL near the bottom of the page. 

Proquest permalink located in document url field