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Integrating Library Content into Blackboard

In Blackboard

Start by going to the content area of your BBLearn course shell where you want to add the video.  Select “Build Content” and then from the drop down window select “Web Link”


Follow the directions below, to get the video's URL. Paste the URL link in the “URL” field, and enter a name in the “Name” field for how you want the video listed as in the course shell.  Once you have entered this information click “Submit” at the bottom of the page, and the video link will then appear in your course shell at the bottom of the page.  You may then drag the video to where you would like it to be located in the course shell.

Films on Demand

In Films on Demand, permalinks are located under the "Share" option located beneath the video.

share link

A new window will pop up with two tabs. Select "Embed/Link" and copy the "Record URL for the full film or segment URL for selected chapter."

record and segment urls to copy

Academic Video Online (AVON)

In Academic Video Online (AVON) search or browse for a video. 

On your selected video's page, click "Share" from the top navigation bar.

Copy the permalink or embed code from the pop up.

Share video link

Adding Kaltura Videos in Blackboard:

  • Go to the folder in Bb Learn where you want to add a video. 
  • Make sure Edit Mode is set to “ON.” (You must be a designer in the course.) 
  • Choose Kaltura Media from the Build Content menu. 
  • Switch to the Shared Repository tab.
  • Use the Search Media box to search for the, library call number (e.g. DVD1234, VT1234), instructor’s name or course abbreviation (e.g. ES 150).
  • Click Select next to the video you want to add.
  • Give the video a Title.