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HS 410: Organization and Administration of Health Services

Use this guide to access resources for research in Health Sciences. Contact a librarian for advanced research assistance.

Locating information about healthcare finance

  • Use the databases below to begin your search.  If you are comparing one or more countries, search for each country separately.  When you are searching in the databases, use two to three concepts/keywords. Avoid typing questions into the search boxes. 
  • The databases provide limiters, including the ability to limit your search by date or to limit your search to only retrieve articles from peer-reviewed journals.  Look for the these limiters on the search page.  The database also provides a suggested citation for APA. 

Business Source Complete is a great starting point because it searches across journals such as Healthcare Financial Management and Journal of Healthcare Finance.  The database also provides access to industry reports, which will include financial data. 

Try these two searches:

Search: "Healthcare providers industry profile" AND the name of the country you are researching

Search: healthcare AND finance AND the name of the country you are researching


Additional Resources