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ME 386W- Engineering Design: The Methods

A guide for the Mechanical Engineering junior level writing course

Anatomy of a Patent

Code  Descriptions

(11)  Document number:

  • The prefix US indicates that this is a U.S. patent.

(19) Document type

  • Patent

(21) Application number
(22) Date of application

  • When the patent application was filed

(45) Date of patent 

  • Date the patent was granted (this patent took almost three years to process)

(51) International classification
(52) U.S. classification
(54) Title of the invention
(56) References:

  • Publications cited as related prior art by the inventor and patent examiner.

(57) Abstract

  • A brief, non-technical description of the invention.

(58) Field of search:

  • Classifications consulted by the patent examiner during the prior art search.

(73) Assignee:

  • Owner at the time the patent issued. The assignee can be a person, company or organization.

(75) Inventors

NOT SHOWN: Continuation of Classifications and References Cited, Applicant, Drawings, Background, Summary, Description of the Drawings, Detailed Description, Claims, Term Adjustment