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ME 386W- Engineering Design: The Methods

A guide for the Mechanical Engineering junior level writing course


 What is Zotero? 

Zotero is an open-source citation management platform. It includes a wealth of options to help make research easier. These include:

  • Format citations in over 9,000 different citation styles
  • Generate bibliographies, works cited pages, and reference pages for Word, Google Docs, and Open Office
  • Organize, edit, and de-duplicate citations using local software, mobile apps, and cloud storage
  • Browser extensions that capture and store citations without the need for manual input

First up, learn how to create an account in Zotero! Then find out how you can get the most that Zotero has to offer.


00:23 How to download and install Zotero
01:23 Overview of Zotero
02:48 Manually adding references to Zotero
03:38 Adding references with an identifier
04:54 Adding references with the Zotero Connector
05:28 How to remove duplicate references
06:01 How to create collections (folders)
06:49 How to add tags
07:46 How to add related references
08:11 How to add notes
08:32 How to use Zotero in Microsoft Word
11:12 How to add/edit citation styles