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ME 386W- Engineering Design: The Methods

A guide for the Mechanical Engineering junior level writing course

Digital Object Identifiers (DOI)

A DOI is a Digital Object Identifier. Think of it as a persistent URL or permalink that will always lead you to a specific journal article. Older DOI's begin with a number 10 and look like this:

  • 10.3352/jeehp.2013.10.3
  • 10.1080/02626667.2018.1560449

Newer DOIs look more like this: 


You can usually find an article's DOI on the first page of the article, usually in the header or footer but sometimes at the end of the abstract or elsewhere. 

If you can't find the DOI, try looking the article up in a service called Crossref. If you find your article in Crossref, it'll display the DOI. If you can't find your article, it may not have a DOI. This is fairly common for older articles. You'll just have to construct your citation without a DOI if the article you're using doesn't have one.