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AoURP Google Cloud Costs

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Access to the Researcher Workbench and data are free. Computation and storage accrue usage costs through the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). All of Us Research Program provides $300 in free credits for each registered Researcher Workbench user, which will help researchers to get started using the Researcher Workbench. 

Setting up Billing Account for GCP

Once a user’s credits are low, they should receive a message suggesting they setup a long-term billing solution. The Credits and Billing Page will provide additional information regarding initial credits and how to set up a billing account. 

Billing is controlled at the workspace level, so users would have to link the workspace to an associated billing account, either with GCP or a Google billing partner. If their research is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), they are eligible for the STRIDES GCP pricing initiative

Project computation costs can vary, but there are estimations available.

Video: How to add a GCP billing account to your workspace (starts at 20 min)