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All of Us

How to Access the Data

Northern Arizona University has signed a Data Use and Registration Agreement with the All of Us Research Program, allowing NAU researchers to apply for Registered and Controlled Tier access. 

Register for Data Access

  1. Sign up to use the Workbench (make an account)
  2. Complete two-step verification with your account 
  3. Verify identity with For issues with this step, you can contact (there can be issues even when info is input correctly). Alternative identity verification methods are available if you have a state ID, or phone number or SSN, US passport, or an e-passport. For alternative identity verification methods, contact as well. 
  4. Login to Researcher Workbench
  5. Complete ethics training modules; NAU users must complete relevant training in the Workbench profiles to access registered and controlled tiers data.
  6. To check for access level, click the three-bar menu in the top upper left corner, click your name, and then click “Data Access Requirements."

Video: All of Us Researcher Workbench Onboarding (7:16 min)

Unsure where to start after gaining access to the data?

Follow this Roadmap for Getting Started with All of Us Data.