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CCC Library Resources for Faculty

An intro to Library Services at CCC, along with a handy checklist and list of resources.

What's New: Fall 2017

  • New website in January 2017, including LibGuides
  • Appointments, now virtual
  • Faculty Guide
  • New Student Orientation slides and video
  • CCC students can print at Cline!
  • Cline has a new website and library system
  • Whole new library interface


New Resources

Fall 2017 Fall 2016
Academic Search Premier Academic Search Premier
Business Source Premier Business Source Elite
150,089 EBSCO eBooks 89 EBSCO eBooks
Health Source - Consumer Edition  
Health Source - Academic  
Masterfile Premier  
Military & Gov't Collection  
Newspaper Source  
Professional Development Collection  
Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection  
Religion and Philosophy Collection  
Teacher Reference Center Teacher Reference Center
Vocational and Career Collection  
ArtStor ArtStor
CREDO Reference CREDO Reference
Films on Demand Films on Demand
Chronicle of Higher Ed  


Welcome to CCC Library Services

Library basics: CCC gave up its physical library some years ago, and since then the college as relied on a combination of electronic resources and an agreement with Cline Library at NAU which basically allows our students full access to their building and physical resources.


So CCC has no on-site physical library. Instead, we have a very good and getting better online library with databases, ebooks, and more. So Cline is our physical library--books, study spaces, loanable laptops, technology, all that library stuff, makerlab included--and CCC provides electronic resources for our students to access anywhere.


Parking over there can be challenging--the only free parking times are after 10pm on weekdays and all day on weekends. Because of that, we’ve beefed up our online offerings a bit this in 2017: we’ve added a new ebook collection, more databases, and more subject coverage.


So one thing I ask of faculty as the CCC Librarian is that they constantly remind their students that I exist. Because I’m not sitting behind a reference desk all day, surrounded by books and basking in the warm light of knowledge, students either forget that I’m here or feel like it’s too much trouble to track me down. I’ve tried to make the library website a conduit for getting help--sending me an email, calling my desk, making an in-person appointment, and (in Fall 2017) a virtual appointment where we can chat and share screens.


Here are some ways I can support what faculty are doing in the classroom:


Class visits: I would be happy to come visit your class and proselytize the wonders of library resources. This is my bread and butter. It works best if we work together and plan ahead, so I can really interact with your students, do some hands on activities with them to develop their research and information skills


Collaboration: I’m open to all sorts of collaboration--I could help you write an assignment that connects students to the library in a meaningful way, I could join your online class for a discussion on research, I’d be happy to support in any way I can

Helping students: they can make appts with me on the website, call or email or stop me in the halls


Copyright: ask me questions about copyright. I’m not here to tell you what you can’t do, I’m here to help figure out a way to make it work. The next two things I’ll mention actually connect to this, like:


Course reserves: If you want your students to read a chapter or small percentage of a book, or an article that isn’t avail in our collection, Cline library will create electronic copies of it for us and we’ll add them to your canvas shell. See me about the request, or go straight thru cline’s website if you’re comfortable.


Streaming media: Cline will also convert any DVD they own to streaming media, so your students can watch a film in your canvas shell. Ask me about this if you’re interested


Shibboleth: This is the system that allows off campus access to library resources. It often breaks, giving users an error message instead of a login screen. If this happens to you or your students, please send me a quick email as soon as you can. It’s an easy fix, and IT is often able to do it on the weekend.