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CCC Library Faculty Guide

An intro to Library Services at CCC, along with a handy checklist and list of resources.

New OER Guide

Thinking about incorporating Open Educational Resources in your course? We have a new OER Guide to help. 

Chronicle of Higher Ed Access

chronicle of higher ed homepageThe rumors are true: CCC now has access to The Chronicle of Higher Education. With our institutional subscription, you can create an account, read The Chronicle from home, and subscribe to premium newsletters. Anyone on a CCC campus has full access to The Chronicle and its archives, and can create a free Chronicle account for off-campus access. 

From The Chronicle homepage, simply click on the Log In link in the upper right-hand corner, and then Create an Account. Use your email address when you fill in your information, and then choose your newsletters by checking the boxes. Need help? Ask your friendly neighborhood librarian

Inside Higher Ed also publishes daily and weekly news updates--for free. Follow this link to sign up

Welcome to CCC Library Services

Quick Background:

  • CCC gave up its physical library some years ago, and since then the college as relied on a combination of electronic resources and an agreement with Cline Library at NAU, which gives our students full access to their building and physical resources.
  • So CCC has no on-site physical library. Instead, we have a surprisingly excellent online library with databases, ebooks, and more. NAU's library is our physical library--books, study spaces, loanable laptops, technology, wifi until the wee hours, all that library stuff, makerlab included--and CCC provides electronic resources for our students to access anywhere.
  • Parking at NAU can be challenging--the only free parking times are after 10pm on weekdays and all day on weekends. The full scoop on parking can be found on Cline's Parking & Directions page. Because of that, we’ve beefed up our online offerings a bit over the last year: we have a new ebook collection, more databases, and more subject coverage.
  • One thing I ask of faculty as the CCC Librarian is that they constantly remind their students that I exist. Because I’m not sitting behind a reference desk all day, surrounded by books and basking in the warm light of knowledge, students either forget that I’m here or feel like it’s too much trouble to track me down. I’ve tried to make the library website a conduit for getting help--sending me an email, calling my desk, or making an in-person or video chat appointment.

How CCC Library Services Supports Teachers:

Class visits. Luke would be happy to visit your class this semester. Stop by room 430 or send Luke an email and you can talk about how Luke can help. Luke can work with students on general research skills, give them in-depth guidance on specific databases, or hang out and answer questions as your students explore research topics.

Course reserve and streaming media. If you’d like your students to read supplemental articles or see a film this semester, don’t forget that Cline Library offers us access to their course reserve and digitized streaming media services. Please see Luke for all these requests and he’ll facilitate getting these materials into your course shells. We can also handle your physical course reserves--textbooks, magazines, or other supplemental materials--at the Lone Tree Campus student services desk. Just ask Luke about how to set this up.

Need something? If our online resources don't cover what your students need, don’t hesitate to ask Luke about your need for any information or research resource. Luke has also made many connections at Cline Library, so if you’re interested in making use of primary sources from their special collections, or 3D printing in their new Maker Lab, Luke would be happy to help make that happen.


What's New - Fall 2018

Welcome to Fall 2018 at CCC. Here are some important updates for the 18-19 academic year. As always, if you have any questions or need more information, reach out to Luke Owens

  • Streaming video files becoming obsolete: if you have streaming movie files in your Canvas course from Spring 2018 or earlier, they won't work this year. Cline Library retired their server, and we are now hosting the films on a CCC-controlled server using more up to date technology. Any films that were added to your course before Summer 2018 will need to be requested again. Just send Luke an email at, and we'll get the films in your Canvas course. 
  • Luke has a new office. I've moved from 417 to 430, so I'm still in the faculty office area in building 4 of the Lone Tree campus. My new location is in the west hallway between the HR and PR departments. I'm also frequently in the TLC chatting about Canvas and Distance Learning. Stop by and say hello!
  • Grammarly. We have purchased 500 premium accounts from Grammarly, a software plugin that checks grammar, spelling, and usage. We're deploying this on a trial basis, and those of you teaching writing-intensive classes might want to consider offering it to your students. Talk to Luke for more info. 
  • Turnitin changes: Our plagiarism detection and writing feedback tool was updated in August 2018. There are now two ways to use Turnitin in your course. Both are outlined in our Faculty Resource Center in Canvas. For more help, drop by the TLC or make an appointment. 
  • New CREDO/Canvas integrationCREDO now gives us the capability to embed content from this database of encyclopedias and dictionaries directly into a Canvas page. Check out this how-to guide and save yourself the time of writing or linking to explanations of basic concepts, theories, and more in your online classes.