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SPA 452C Topics: Spanish American Literature Nobel Prize Winners

La guía es para estudiantes en el seminario Capstone español de Yuma que examina las obras principales de los ganadores del Premio Nobel de Literatura hispanoamericanos del siglo XX. The guide is for students in the Yuma Spanish Capstone seminar exam

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Google, Domain Names, and the Internet



Research Question

Thesis Statement


Beginning my research

This guide provides a path to resources, research, and access to a variety of online scholarship through the NAU Cline Library including eBooks, full-text article databases, media, music and subject specific collections. If you are unfamiliar with research, take a look at How do I ...? for help in selecting a topic, formulating your research question, searching strategies, and more!

The Ask Us! service provides several options to contact a librarian via chat, phone or email, use this service for reference assistance.

Go to the NAU Cline Library’s webpage to access library resources.

Below are some of Cline Library's databases which will help you find scholarship about your Nobel laureate and their work.

How to search

Brainstorm terms to search

Identify the key terms and concepts about your topic:

  • Consider the best words to describe your topic.
  • Then write down all the alternative terms.
  • Last, what words might the author use?  Write those down.
  • Now you have your keywords!


Example: I want to research literary criticism of Spanish poetry by Cervantes.

Keywords: Cervantes, criticism, poetry, Spanish or Spain

  • Combine your concepts with AND to narrow your search.
  • Combine your concepts with OR to broaden your search.




image of Boolean logic

Cervantes AND criticism AND poetry

This type of search returns fewer and more specific results

Cervantes OR criticism OR poetry

This type of search returns many results

If you have trouble finding articles, you can brainstorm alternate words for your concepts. Consider synonyms, alternative spellings, variant endings (e.g., judgment, review, critique, etc.) and acronyms.




 Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de



  Cervantes Saavedra