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Writing a Data Management Plan (DMP)

A data management plan (DMP) will help you manage your data, meet funder requirements, and help others use your data if shared.

The DMPTool is a web-based tool that helps you construct data management plans using templates that address specific funder requirements.The DMPTool provides a click-through wizard for creating a DMP that complies with funder requirements. It also has direct links to funder websites, help text for answering questions, and data management best practices resources.

In general, a DMP will answer the following questions:

  • How the data will be collected
  • The type or format of data created
  • The expected size of data
  • What standards will be used to structure and document the data
  • Where the data will be stored, backed up and, if necessary, secured
  • How the data will be analyzed
  • Where the data will be shared or published and what conditions of re-use will apply. If your data have potential commercial applications, contact NAU Innovations to discuss Intellectual Property Rights issues.


Funder requirements

Online tools to help write and format your DMP

Want advice about writing your DMP?

Cline librarians can help you:

  • choose the best data sharing method or data repository,
  • identify discipline-specific metadata (standards for describing data).

Contact us to get started.