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A Guide to Research in Science Teaching and Learning

Looking for articles on teaching and learning? Start with education databases:

Broaden your search with multidisciplinary databases:

Or, try these science databases:

What's an article database?

Quick Search is great for doing broad searches but a subject specific article database allows you to search for articles on a particular topic.
Article databases differ by:

Subject coverage:
Some databases index articles from a specific discipline, such as forestry or medicine, while other databases index articles from many different disciplines.

Document & publication type:
Some databases focus on indexing one type of document, such as scholarly research articles or popular news articles. Other databases index a mix of publications.
Time coverage:
Some databases index articles published several hundred years ago up to the present, while others only index recently published articles.


Why search more than one database?
Since databases contain different sets of article records, one database might provide you with better results than another -- so try searching several!