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NAU Student Newspapers

The Pine, the official publication of the Associated Students of Northern Arizona Normal School, was first published a few weeks after the beginning of fall semester 1914 with the support and encouragement of the college president, Dr. Rudolph H.H. Blome. Initially published bi-weekly, the newspaper alternated between a monthly, weekly, and semi-weekly publication over the years, as the Normal School grew into the Arizona State Teachers' College and then into Northern Arizona University. In 1946, by a vote of the student body, the name of the student newspaper was formally changed to The Lumberjack.

This resource is available due to the generous contributions from the Cline Library, Office of the Dean and The Lumberjack staff. Special thanks to Jackson Klinefelter, Chloe Lira, Ariel Apple, Celeste Tabares, and Danielle Dlugajczyk for their hard work editing and compiling over 3000 individual issues and to Karen Underhill for her leadership and support in acquiring the initial funding for this project.

Use the index to the left to find a specific issue, or search across NAU Newspapers in the digital archives.

Proofing the Lumberjack, 1950s.

Examining a Lumberjack print run, 1950s.

Checking galleys in the Lumberjack printing room, 1950s.

The Lumberjack press room, 1950s.