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HS 320: Mind-Body Health

Use this guide to access resources useful for introductory research. Contact a librarian for advanced research assistance.

Library Databases

PsycINFO Search Tips

Strategy building search tips for PsycINFO
Use this: To do this:
quotation marks Exact phrase searching
AND Combine terms (narrows the search)
NOT Omit or ignore a term
OR Expand the search to include either or both terms
parenthesis Structure a Boolean search, nesting terms and phrases
* Truncate a term or complete a phrase
? Wildcard used to replace a single letter
# Wildcard used for alternate spellings
N and a number Finds terms near x terms
W and a number Finds terms within x terms in order
Try not to use punctuation Database will ignore unless it is a question mark
Try not to use stop words Database will ignore these