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HIS 430 - Teaching and Learning Government and Economics: Interviews, etc.


Examples show formatting for footnote/endnote first, followed by bibliographic entry.  Examples for different types of resources are given as follows:

  • Music Scores
  • Interviews
  • Art or Photograph
  • Sacred Works

Music Scores

 ³H.H.A. Beach, Sonata in A Minor for Violin and Piano, Opus 24 (New York: De Capo, 1986)

 Beach, H.H.A. Sonata in A Minor for Violin and Piano, Opus 24. New York: De Capo, 1986.


Conducted by You

          ¹Mary O'Grady, interview by the author, Barre, VT, March 2, 2004.


Conducted by You When You Cannot Reveal Name of Person Interviewed

             ²Interview with a psychologist, April 1, 2008.


From Television

           ³Gerda Lerner, interview by Jane Doe, American Women Through History, PBS, April 3, 2004.

From the Internet

          ¹Bristol Palin and Sarah Palin, interview by Greta Van Susternen, On the Record w/Greta, FoxNews, February 18, 2009, (accessed July 16, 2009).


Please note:  Interviews are only cited in the footnotes, not the Bibliography at the end of the paper.

Art or Photograph

Photograph from a Database

            ¹C.T. Chapman, "Carrie Chapman Catt," 1917, Schlesinger History of American Women in America Collection."> (accessed October 29, 2009).


Painting from a Database


           ²Egon Schiele, Seated Woman. 1917, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. (accessed October 16, 2009).


Please note: Paintings, sculpure, photographs, and other artworks are lited only in the footnotes,not at the Bibiography at the end of the paper.

Sacred Works

 ¹1 Cor. 6:1-10 (Jerusalem Bible).

 ²Qur'an 19:17-21.

 Please note: The Bible and other sacred works are listed in footnotes, but not in the Bibliography at the end of the paper.  If you are using a sacred work with a particular version, include the version in parentheses after the chapter and verse (as above).