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HIS 100- World History I -“Food Ancestors” Professor LaBuff

“Food Ancestors”

Welcome History 100 students.

On this page you will find helpful research links for your "Food Ancestors" project . 

Never spend more than 30 minutes stressing over your research topic. If you are not finding anything, please contact me directly and we can meet via zoom or in person.


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"How do I start my research and find help with citations?"

Not sure how to start your research?  To learn various ways to search the NAU Cline Library catalog, visit our How To page here.

When writing papers, citations are very important.  This is our page to help you find citation help.  Most classes require a specific citation style, but for this assignment you can use the one your field of study uses.  Our help page will provide several valuable resources including Perdue Owl, a super helpful and user friendly citation site.  You will find this helpful through your college career.


"Food Ancestors" project resources

Text Book on reserve

Cambridge World History of Food call # L112-101 or L112-102

There are two copies which can be checked out at the main Ask Us desk.

Book in Cline Library database:

Food in time and place the American Historical Association companion to food history

Article Searching

Jstor is a database that includes humanities and social science scholarly articles.

*Please note Jstor and other library databases will have a variety of academic articles at all levels.  Some are more technical than others, so use the filter options to help sort your search results.  You can also contact me or do a chat with a librarian directly from our website


Online resource for searching food source history:

Food Timeline is a good resource for finding history on food sources.  This may be helpful in addition to The Cambridge World History of Food.