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PSY 101 - Information Literacy Guide

Supports General Studies Information Literacy Skills

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Quick Search is the "quickest" way to find information to help you get started.  A benefit of using Quick Search is the ability to apply limiters to the search. If you are not getting excellent results, a good alternative to Quick Search is Academic Search Complete.  

Academic Search Complete is a good alternative to Quick Search because it is a multi-disciplinary database. 


APA's PsycINFO (a citation index) and PsycARTICLES (a journal database) are discipline specific search tools. This means that if you have a psychology related research topic, searching in PsycINFO and PsycARTICLES will situate your search and the results among the psychology journals and books. 

Find research articles

Start your search using the databases listed below. All of these databases are useful resources for psychology research.

Academic Search Complete, PsycARTICLES, and PsycINFO are accessible from the same platform, so you can search all three databases simultaneously.  

  1. To search all three databases at once, click on any of the database links below to access the search page. 
  2. On the search page, notice the search boxes at the top and click on the words Choose Databases, located above the search boxes.  
  3. A pop-up window will appear with a list of databases arranged alphabetically. 
  4. Click on the other two databases to add them to your search and then click OK in the lower right hand corner of the pop-up window.  
  5. You will then return to the search screen where you can type in your keywords.   

Additional Resources