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Mendeley at NAU

A guide for using Mendeley at NAU.

What is Mendeley?

Mendeley is a reference manager, academic collaboration network and crowd sourced database with a unique layer of social information research. Mendeley Desktop is available on Mac, Windows and Linux. Mendeley Web functions on all major browsers. Mobile versions of Mendeley are available for IPadIPhone and Android devices.

Mendeley at NAU

With NAU's Mendeley Institutional account you get:

  • 5 GB of personal space in Mendeley (vs. 2 GB with the free, unaffiliated version)
  • 20 GB of shared space (vs. 100 MB with a free account)
  • the ability create an unlimited number of shared groups with up to 25 members

Access our subscription:

  1. Sign in to your Mendeley account , or create an account if you do not have one.
  2.  If you did not use your NAU email to set up your Mendeley account, go into settings and change your email to use your NAU email address, this will add you to the NAU institutional account after 24 hours. 

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