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CM 120: Building the Human Environment

Examples of Built Environment Failures

For your assignments, you may be required to locate a building, bridge, dam, or other built environment that endured a major failure causing it to be closed due to safety concerns, abandoned, and/or repaired. Here are a few examples of built environment failures.

  • Drilling and Well Closure Failures at BP Macondo Well
  • Piper Alpha Oil Rig Failure
  • Levee Failure, New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina
  • Dan River Coal Ash Spill
  • Kingston Fossil Plant Coal Ash Spill
  • Ocean Ranger Drill Rig Collapse
  • Ronan Point Apartment Tower Collapse
  • Kelly Barnes Dam Failure, Georgia
  • KaLoko Reservoir Dam Failure, Hawaii
  • Laurel Run Dam Failure
  • Schoharie Creek Bridge Collapse
  • West Gate Bridge Collapse
  • Harbor Cay Condominium Collapse
  • The collapse of Terminal 2E Roissy at Charles de Gaulle Airport
  • Sunshine Skyway Bridge collapse


Google Search Tips

Operator Description Examples
" "

Exact Phrase Search

  • Search for words in exact order

"Business Plan"

"prairie dog"

"Chicago fire"


Include word(s) in the results

  • Add a plus sign before the word or phrase to include
  • A space must be placed before the plus sign but not after it

"forest fire" +Flagstaff

"Chicago fire" +soccer

Picasso +Guernica


Exclude word(s) in results

  • Add a minus sign before a word or phrase to exclude
  • A space must be placed before the minus sign but not after it.

"forest fire" -pine

"Chicago fire" -soccer 

Mozart -sonatas



  • Searches for a specified keyword and words that are similar to that word


Returns Results

  • neurophysiology
  • neurobiology
  • brain
  • neurology

Broaden your search to include different terms

  • OR must be capitalized 

soccer OR football OR futbal

"Grand Canyon" OR Yosemite 




Restrict search to a particular domain or website

  • Search top level domains such as .edu, .org, .gov
  • Search specific websites

"forest fires"


veteran programs


Restrict your search to a specific file type

  • There is no space between filetype: and the following word

"global warming" filetype:pdf



Searches for a single word or phrase in the title of the search result

  • Google will restrict the results to pages that have the word or phrase in the title of the document

Find information about the use of robots in the production of Toyota vehicles.

assembly line robots intitle:toyota


Searches for words that are within a certain range of other words

  • Must capitalize AROUND(n) and add a number in parentheses for this to work.

"steve jobs" AROUND(3) environment

"climate change" AROUND(4) "polar bears" 


Find pages related to a specific site

  • No space between the colon and the web address.


Adapted from MIT Libraries, Google Search Tips: Getting Started