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Student Works Display

Student Works Display

Cline Library has four dedicated monitors to highlight NAU student works. NAU students' scholarly and creative products deserve recognition. The displays are located in The Studios.

Format Guidelines


1920 x 1080 pixels. The easiest way to achieve this size is to utilize powerpoint (one ppt slide is equal to 1920 x 1080 pixels).




JPEG (best), PNG, or BMP.  In Powerpoint, use the "Save as" function and change the type from ppt to JPEG

File Name

When using the "save as" function change your file name to include the event or class name


All submitted works must adhere to the NAU student code of conduct and be original works primarily done by the student (collaborations with faculty/staff are okay)

Best Practices


The displays are very visual and change every 60 seconds. This means that individuals have a small amount of time to read your text. Try to minimize the amount of text displayed. For text-heavy works (like articles!) consider limiting the display to your abstract & a visual (graph/image/ect). You may be able to put a link or QR code on your slide to connect it to a larger work.


Please include your name somewhere on the slide. This ensures that the public knows it is your work.

Your responsibility

Slides will be displayed as they were received. This means that we will not do any touch-ups, formatting or make changes. Occasionally, we may catch an error and reach out to the submitter to make changes. The responsibility to make sure it is properly formatted and free of errors is on the individual.

How to submit

Currently, we are only accepting submissions as part of a larger class or event. If you are the organizer or instructor please e-mail to get the process started.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are works displayed?

Currently, works are displayed for a one month minimum with no set maximum. 

When will the works be displayed?

Additions/changes to the displays will be made on or around the 1st and 15th of the month. New slides received at least 3 working days before the 1st or 15th will display on those dates.  If you would like the works to be displayed starting on a specific date, please contact us.

Can I include my entire paper/poster/project?

Yes! However, the more text heavy the slide the less likely the public will be able to read it.

My work is not connected with a class or event, can it be displayed?

Not at the moment. We are working on a system for self-submissions and hope to be able to accommodate these requests in the future.

Is everyone from a class or event required to submit a project?

Nope! If only 5 out of 100 students from your class or event wants to have their project on display that is completely fine. 

My project isn't "research". Can it still be displayed?

Yes! The displays need to be student works which can be defined as a creative or research.