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PBC Library

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Assistance Services

For all Arizona Government Support Services related to COVID-19, visit this site:

Medical Assistance Services

Visit Health-e-Arizona Plus to apply for Medicaid, emergency medical coverage, and other unemployment benefits. The video below, from AZ DES, explains how the application process works:

Nutrition Assistance Services

NOTE: The governor of Arizona has requested changes to SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). These have not gone into effect at this time, but a rundown of requested changes is listed below:

  • Allow DES to approve applications without eligibility interviews, resulting in quicker and more efficient services;
  • Allow all eligible families to purchase prepared and hot meals from grocery stores;
  • Waive the work requirements for eligible students while employment opportunities are more scarce;
  • Provide to eligible families the maximum allotment allowed for up to two months; and
  • Extend certification periods by 90 days, saving clients time and ensuring benefits are provided to clients during the pandemic.

To apply for medical and nutrition assistance, visit:

More services