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Public access mandates for funded research

Federal Public Access Mandates by Agency

Agency  Implementation Date Articles Made Available In Compliance Grace Period Data Made Available In      DMP      Requirement

Feb. 2015 (A)

Oct. 2015 (D)

PubMed Central (PMC) 12 months Publicly accessible repositories Yes

Feb. 2015 (A)

Oct. 2015 (D)

PMC 12 months Commercial repository to be announced Yes
ASPR** Oct. 2015 (A, D) PMC 12 months Recognized scientific data repository, registry Yes

July 2013 (A)

Oct. 2015 (D)

CDC Stacks 12 months Multiple solutions + data registry, preferred repository to be announced Yes
DOD Oct. 2016 (A, D) estimate Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) 12 months  Publicly accessible; repository not specified Yes

Oct. 2014 (A)

Oct. 2015 (D)

Public Access Gateway for Energy and Sciences (PAGES), other options 12 months Varies by office Yes
DOT Jan. 2016 DOT National Transportation Library (NTL): ORCID required 12 months Inventoried in DOT Public Data Listing;  Yes
FDA** Oct. 2015 (A, D) PMC 12 months Disciplinary data repository Yes
IES FY 2016 (A, D) ERIC 12 months  Disciplinary data repositories Yes
NASA Oct. 2015 (A, D) NASA branded PMC portal 12 months With article, NASA archives, or other Yes

In effect (A)

Dec.2015 (D)

PMC 12 months Multiple solutions, data discovery index Yes
NIST Oct. 2015 (A, D) PMC 12 months & reserves right to shorten or extend period In development Yes


Jan. 2016 (A, D)

NOAA Institutional Repository, using CDC Stacks

12 months

NOAA National Data Centers


NSF Jan. 2016 (A, D) PAGES 12 months An "appropriate repository" Yes
SI Oct. 2015 (A, D) Smithsonian Research Online (SRO), CHORUS 12 months, or negotiated SRO or other Digital          projects
USAID Oct. 2015 (D) -- 12 months Development Data Library (DDL) --
USDA Jan. 2016 (A) USDA public access archive system (PubAg) 12 months USDA registry, other        repository TBA --

Oct. 2016 (A, D)

Information Product Data System 12 months Varies Yes
VA Oct. 2015 (A, D) PMC 12 months  -- Yes

*Will require data management plans (DMPs)
** Exploring a data commons solution through HHS auspices. Additionally, data management costs may be included in the budget.

Private Foundations with OA Requirements

Many private foundations are now requiring that articles, and sometimes data, resulting from foundation funding be made publicly available.  Here are a few:

Wikimedia Foundation

Policy: link

Data must be deposited upon publication or within three months of the project ending, whichever comes first