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Public access mandates for funded research

What is a Public Access Mandate?

 Public access mandates are most often a requirement by a funding agency that published research results, enabled by its grants be made available to the general public (usually on the internet). A public access mandate is often issued by US federal funding agencies, although some private funders also have them. This guide focuses on federal funders, but much of the information in it is applicable to private funders as well.

Check Funder Requirements



SHERPA Juliet enables researchers and librarians to see funders' conditions for open access publication.


SHERPA FACT checks if compliance with funder open access policies can be achieved with a particular journal.


SHERPA REF helps authors and institutions decide whether a journal allows them to comply with the OA REF policy. 

Share your work in OpenKnowledge@NAU


NAU's institutional repository, OpenKnowledge@NAU can be utilized to meet funder requirements where no specific repository is required. Share your articles, datasets and more by contacting us directly at