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Film Event at Cline Library: The Man in the Dog Park

Join us!

Come join us for this educational, unique, and interesting one-hour program.

➢ Watch the short (14 minute) animated documentary film, based on The Man in the Dog Park book, produced in partnership with the NARBHA Institute

➢ Join in a Q & A with co-authors Cathy, Ross, and Jason

➢ Have your book (if you bring it or buy one there) signed by all three authors

The Stigma of Being Homeless

A free chapter of the book is offered to you, courtesy of Cornell University Press

Cornell University Press

Purchase the book and read reviews from Cornell University Press.

Meet the Authors

Cathy A. Small is Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at NAU. She wrote the film screenplay based on their book, and its seven years of encounters and interviews with people experiencing homelessness.

Ross Moore is a proud disabled Vietnam veteran. After surviving three decades of recurrent homelessness, he is a co-author of the book and star of the film.

Jason Kordosky is a public health worker in northern Arizona who educates people on substance use disorders, overdose prevention and response.