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ECI 621: Selected Topics in Early Childhood

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Quick Search includes records for print and electronic books, articles, media, and subscriptions owned by Cline Library.

The Quick Search on the homepage is the default Simple search.  Searches from this box are only keyword searches.

  • If you don't find exactly what you need right away, see the Limit my results column on the right of your search results page. Use relevant filters there to focus your search results further.
  • To limit your search to physical items the Library owns, choose Available in the Library under the Availability
  • Limit my results also lets you filter by Format Type (articles, books, newspaper articles, websites, etc.), by Creation DateAuthor/CreatorLanguage, and more

Advanced Search gives you much more control over your searches. Use the drop-down menus to specify what type of search you want, what type of material you're looking for, what language, and even publication date or range of years.

Researchers may wish to enter Advanced Search immediately due to the full range of precise searching available here. 

  • Advanced Search lets you search by TitleAuthor/creatorSubject, or Any field.  Looking for your search terms in Any field would be most flexible and a good choice if you're not certain where your search terms might occur in a record.
  • You can specify word order for your search terms, if that is important. You can choose containsis (exact), or starts with to specify word order.  Contains would be the most flexible choice and would find your search terms in any order.
  • Material type includes All itemsBooks,  ArticlesJournalsImages, and  Movies and Music