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Cline Library Collection Management

Evaluation Process (summer 2019 - winter 2020)

Usage Statistics – 40%

For Databases: We consider reducing or canceling a database if the three-year average is greater than $5 per result click/record view. For the difference between result click and record view, see the COUNTER Quick Guide: Results Clicks Record Views.

For Journals: We consider reducing or canceling a journal if it has averaged fewer than 12 downloads per year for the last three years OR the average cost/download is greater than $30. We then consider the following factors: availability via other means (e.g. aggregated databases, open source), embargo period, and usage pattern over the last three years.

Subject Librarian Evaluation and Ranking – 30%  

Factors considered include: information need and program requirements, access and content coverage, alternative products or vendors, and faculty feedback. 

Faculty Evaluation and Ranking (from faculty survey administered September 16 - 29, 2019) – 30%

For Databases: Points assigned based on responses indicating how often the database is used and how essential it is for teaching or research.

For Journals: Points assigned based on how frequently faculty cite this journal or publish in it (high, medium, low) and how important it is for their teaching or research.