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FOR 323W - Semester B

2. Search intelligently.

Test your research skills with this example research topic:

How is climate change affecting forest management practices in Peru?

How NOT to search:

Instead, pick out the fewest, most essential keywords:

These two keyword searches will be interpreted the exact same way and retrieve the same results:

Why collect and experiment with synonyms?

Would the keyword search above retrieve the article below?

  • Smith, K. L. (2019). Changes to forestry management policies in the Peruvian Amazon as a result of global warming. Journal of Land Management 42(70): 15-27.

Synonym collection:

Exciting, complicated search jam-packed with synonyms:

Want to try the same search in Google Scholar?

If so, you need to rewrite it and remove asterisks. Put all of your collections of synonyms in parentheses and don't put the word AND between them. 

("climate change" OR "global warming") (forest OR forestry) (management OR protection OR conservation OR policies OR governance OR REDD OR "reducing emissions from deforestation") (peru OR peruvian)