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PSY 290 - Research Methods in Psychology

Locating primary sources in PsycINFO and PsycARTICLES

In PsycINFO or PsycARTICLES, you can either:

1. Get the database to limit your results to primary sources, and/or

2. Look at the article record.

If you are not using PsycINFO or PsycARTICLES to locate research you can use the tips listed in the box "What to look for in an abstract" to determine if the article is a primary source. 

Limit your results to empirical research studies

You can limit your PsycINFO search to select only Empirical Study articles by setting a search limit using the Methodology limiter. 

Notice that an Experimental Replication is categorized within Empirical Research.  On the advanced search page, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the Methodology section.  Next, scroll through the list of options.

Limit to experimental study

Example of an article record